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Welcome to eLeisure.net
Eleisure is a privately held company based out of Houston, Texas. Eleisure specializes in providing High Speed Internet as well as Video and Telephone Services to Multiple Dwelling properties such as Apartment Complexes, College Housing, and more. Eleisure does not resell other provider's services. Our core business relies on a demarcation point for Internet, Cable Television, and Telephone Services located on the property for which we are servicing. It is by installing a local demarcation point that Eleisure is able to provide services comparable to that of a major cable or telephone company at a comparable or lower price.

How do we do it?
There have been a rash of companies since the late 90's and early in this decade that promised the farm and later bought it because they tried to grow too fast and offer too much. Eleisure has a simple principle, offer good quality, low cost services at a bulk rate. This allows Eleisure to focus on providing better Customer Service and offering more amenties.

What are bulk services?
Bulk Service is term usually describing a situtation in which every resident of a property pays a flat rate for service whether or not they use the service. Typically the rate is included in the Home Owners Association Dues or in the monthly rent. Property owners may pass on the low cost directly to the end customer or may mark-up the service. Bulk Service is not a new concept. It is a concept that works very well now as more and more properties and service provides are moving to offer more technology amenties for as low a cost as possible.

What is the catch?
No catch. Eleisure provides any combination of Internet, Telephone, or Video services to your residents. Eleisure bills the property owner once a month. Residents deal with Eleisure for all support issues and Eleisure employees handle all on-site service calls as well as monitoring and repair of the complete system.

How much is it going to cost? Although all properties are different, Eleisure will be able to offer more services at a lower overall price than most telephone and cable companies. Eleisure really shines if you would have to contract with more than one company to offer your residents bulk telephone, Internet, and or Video/Satellite Service.

Still want more information? Please follow the links above to view a more detailed explanation of how Eleisure provides High Speed Internet, PBX based Telephone, and Video Service.