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Telephone Service by Eleisure

How does it work?

Eleisure utilizes state of the art VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology. This next generation phone system has proven to be highly reliable with crystal clear phone calls for both residences and businesses. VOIP option provides savings for the owner for bulk phone while providing state of the art connections for your resident.

What services are available?

VOIP phone service to your office allows all your branch offices to be housed on the same PBX. Your company can be configured with any options you desire between offering voice mail exchange 4 digit dialing and intercom options. Your residents will have the ability to have all the options they have become accustomed to: caller ID, voice mail, 3 way calling and call forwarding.

Customer Support

With our bulk packages, Eleisure provides all on-site support to residents as well as maintains your complete telephone system. Eleisure provides toll free customer service and a local Eleisure technician will be sent on-site if necessary.

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