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High Speed Internet Service by Eleisure

Today High Speed Internet access has gone from an amentity to a necessity. Residents now include High Speed Internet options available at a prospective community as a factor in their decision process. Whether you are including High Speed Internet into a new construction or retrofitting an existing property, Eleisure has the solution using Ethernet or Wireless.

How does it work?

Eleisure delivers bulk Internet service to your property via existing or newly installed infrastructure. Eleisure then distributes High Speed Internet service to all interested residents thorough a variety or methods. Your customers can simply connect their PC to the wall and be connected to the Internet. In most cases, Eleisure is able to provide a per unit cost much less than if residents signed up for a comparable Cable Modem or DSL service from a large Cable operator or telephone company. Not only will Eleisure install your High Speed Internet system but we will maintain it for the life of the contract usually at no additional charge.

What speeds are available?

Eleisure is able to provide High Speed Internet service to almost any location in the contiguous 48 states. Eleisure delivers bandwidth to the property via fiber, T1, Ethernet, DS3, or Bi-Directional Satellite depending on your needs.

Customer Support

With our bulk packages, Eleisure provides all on-site support to residents as well as maintaining your complete Internet system. If your residents experience any problems or just have a question, they will be able to contact Eleisure's toll free support line or schedule an on-site appointment if neccesary.

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