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Video Service by Eleisure

Eleisure is a private cable operator and authorized DIRECTV® system operator. What this means is that Eleisure is able to install bulk video service to your property at a very competitive rate.

How does it work?

Eleisure delivers a package of video channels based on your preferences and needs to your property via digital satellite. Eleisure then installs a complete cable television distribution system or retrofits your existing cable tv system to distribute the video to all residents. In most cases, Eleisure is able to provide a very competitive bulk video package to all residents while still offering an upgrade to DIRECTV® service without the need for additional satellite dishes. Most communities can be serviced from a single rooftop DIRECTV® satellite dish.

What channels are available?

Eleisure provides DIRECTV® channels via DIRECTV® bulk service. The DIRECTV® service gives you access to more than 135 channels of great movies, sports, news and family entertainment. You can choose one of our popular programming packages or select channels a la carte. The programming packages can be changed as your needs or desires change. This system will support high definition programming and resident's DVRs.

Customer Support

With our bulk packages, Eleisure provides all on-site support to residents as well as maintains your complete cable television system. We support your residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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